Shows & Headliners

We are gearing up for a great 2017 Slapdash and want you to join us! If your team would like to perform please apply through The Improv Network. If you are a teacher or individual performer we want to hear from you, too. We will be announcing our Saturday night headliner soon…

For the first time ever internationally, we are excited to present Thursday night headliner, On The Spot Improv from Hawaii presenting, Hush, an improvised silent movie. On The Spot Improv has been called one of the most innovative improv groups in the world for their unique approach to improvised theatre. Their signature style incorporates narrative storytelling, minimal dialog, and strong blocking to create cinematic images to tell complex stories. They have played throughout the US including Austin Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, Phoenix Improv Festival, the Seattle Festival of Improv Theater and Chicago Improv Festival. We are excited to host them for Slapdash this year! 

“…slayed the audience with its silent-movie style improvisations…plying the physical comedy so well you’d think slapstick was a synonym for “sublime.” – ¬†WAYNE ALAN BRENNER, Austin Chronical