Slapdash 2016 – Interview with Trent Pancy

Trent Pancy

We asked some of our teachers to answer a few questions about their life in improv comedy. You can read them here.

Trent Pancy

Now that I live in Europe I take workshops every chance I get.

Where have you studied improv?
I took an improv class in College (I was a Theatre Major at Kalamazoo College in Michigan) and attended weekly workshops held by the College improv troupe Monkapult. After graduating in 2006 I moved to Chicago where I interned at the Second City Production Office while taking classes in the Second City Improv Conservatory, the Second City Musical Improv Program, and the iO Training Center. After that I took some courses with ComedySportz Chicago, as well.
Now that I live in Europe I take workshops every chance I get.
What do you hope students will be able to take into their scenes after finishing your class?
Do something right now. Also: Fuck your “idea”.
What do you do outside of improv?
I have kids.

Do something right now. Also: Fuck your “idea”.

Favourite “style” of improv to do?
This changes. A lot. Currently I love doing two-prov. But I also love ensemble work. I always play game in my shows.

What bit of improv advice would you give to someone that has been improvising for a while but is stuck in a rut?
This happens to all of us. It usually means that you’re doing too much in the improv world, and are lacking real-life shit to remind you about real life and help inspire you. Take a breather. Go do something different or new for a few days. When you come back, you’ll be energized and good to go!

I hate the “cult of yes” that we fall into.

What’s the coolest shit that being an improviser brings you?
I get to travel the world and play on stage with amazing people that I have likely just met that afternoon.
What’s your favourite warm up exercise?
Zip Zap Zog (Zop) – I use this in EVERY workshop, class, rehearsal, or show warm up that I do. It’s a great energizer, focuser, and I can tailor it to teach anything I need: Story, Yes, Association, Communication, Focus, etc.
Got any pre-show rituals?
Touching butts.
What (if anything) do you hate about improv?
I hate the “cult of yes” that we fall into. I love doing bits, and I love playing with my friends offstage, but sometimes we let that shit get out of hand.
What public figures do you think would make good improvisers and why?
Obama & Trudeau – They’re awesome at everything.

Trent is performing with his team JadaJada Saturday 22nd October

He is also doing an amazing workshop on how to take care of yourself.